Glenview Romneys | Millars Road Carterton
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Glenview Romneys Wairarapa

Glenview Romneys

Our fundamental vision is the ultimate Romney sheep based around a ‘cast iron’ constitution. We deliberately challenge our Romneys by farming them on unfertilised native hill country – one of our points of difference – in order to provide the maximum selection pressure and expose ‘soft’ sheep.

We aim to breed superior Romneys that produce the most from the least input.

Geoff & Barb Croker

Glenview Wairarapa Romney Rams
Ram Pricing & Sales

Romney prices range from $1,00-$1500 and South Suffolk prices range from $800-$1,000. Rams are sold on farm from late November.

Our numbers are continuing to increase each season and therefore we can usually accommodate new clients at any price level.

We endeavour to provide clients with a minimum of 4 rams to pick from for every ram that they are looking to buy ie we would normally give a client 20 rams to pick 5 from and they would all be of a similar quality.

We always try to allow sufficient time for clients to be able to relax around the smoko table and we never rush the ram picking process!

Learn more about our Romneys here and our South Suffolks here.

Glenview Wairarapa Romney Scanning
‘Hands On’ Breeders

While our operation has grown significantly over the years it is still of a size that enables Barb & I to run it entirely on our own. This has probably become another point of difference.

We therefore can’t ever blame employees if something is missed or not done properly. The buck always has to stop with us!

Hopefully that has meant we have been able to maintain high standards, pay a lot of attention to detail and always focus on quality ahead of quantity on every level.

If you require any additional information or a copy of our annual newsletter don’t hesitate to ring or email us. We are ‘open all hours’!

Glenview Wool
Glenview Characteristics
  • High fertility (200% scanning)
  • High lamb survival (vigorous lambs at birth, excellent mothers, hands off lambing, 160% docking)
  • High growth rates (twin lambs 35-40kg at 100 days)
  • Quality wool
  • Structurally sound and correct (special emphasis on feet shape, pasterns, jaws and wool quality)
  • Wedge shaped (smooth shoulders, wide and deep with max. meat in loin and hindquarters)
  • Good heads

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